COVID-19 Measures: Your Health, Safety And Well-being

COVID-19 Measures: Your Health, Safety And Well-being

At Hotel Tim’s, the safety and well-being of our guests and staff is a top priority. 

We have taken the following protocols in a response to recent travel restrictions and official health advice. By implementing these protocols, we welcome you with a clean and safe environment, as “the new normal”.

Public Spaces Protocols

  • Public spaces (lobby, restaurant, front desk, elevator, bathrooms, hallways) are frequently and regularly cleaned and disinfected
  • Public spaces, restaurants, guest rooms are frequently ventilated
  • Disinfectant hand sanitizers are placed everywhere in the public area, lobby, front desk, restaurant 
  • Limitation of the number of guests per elevator ride to allow safe physical distancing
  • Placement of sensor dispensers with paper towels in public bathrooms and suspending the use of hand dryers
  • Everyone is required to wear face mask, our guests and our staff. Face mask is allowed not to be worn while eating or drinking in the restaurant while keeping a safe physical distancing
  • Clear protective barriers are placed on the front desk to prevent droplet infection between guests and staff

Breakfast Protocols

  • Breakfast is served a la carte, as individual portion per person instead of the usual buffet breakfast. 
  • Breakfast is served in the room, or in the restaurant by maintaining a social distance, according to the covid-19 protocols for social distancing.
  • Tables and seats in the public areas and restaurant are sanitized after each guest.

Hotel Guests, Guest Rooms, Guest Amenities Protocols

  • We undergo temperature check to everyone entering the hotel  
  • Room keys, guest amenities, and other items are disinfected before being handed to guests.
  • For all guest rooms, the furniture, doors and door knobs, windows, bathroom, lighting switches and any high-touch points are cleaned and sanitized regularly.
  • Guests collaboration is also essential. If a guest experiences fewer, cough, difficult breathing or feels unwell is required to inform us. 

Staff Protocols

  • The kitchen staff follow strict food preparation and cooking hygiene standards and wear masks to enhance food safety.
  • Hotel staff will refrain from coming to work when their temperature is above 37.5℃ or they are feeling unwell in any way.
  • It is obligatory that the hotel staff wear face mask (KN-95 or N-95)

Since the situation is still developing, it is difficult to anticipate how things may yet become. We will continue to monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation closely and we will apply updates to the measures following the recommended procedures and protocols.