Support for local artists

We love art and we support the local artists from our community. We care for our local artists because our life gets better with them around. Local artists add more than just pretty pictures to our community. They have the passion for making it a better place to live, through their artwork. Artists bring cultural diversity, they provide entertainment, add value by attracting people to gathering spots, they expose culture, contribute to a positive mood and bring new ideas to people.

That is why Hotel Tim’s decided to use artwork to decorate its rooms and gave the possibility to its guests to buy digital prints of the exposed artwork.

The reasons why you should buy an artwork and support the local artists are:

  • It stimulates creativity and good mood
  • Makes the perfect authentic gift for birthday, wedding or housewarming
  • Has cultural significance

We are honoured to present you the first two artists that beautify Hotel Tim’s rooms. Please read their short biography

Marija Smilevska is a painter, visual artist and graphic designer, and always experimenting with new means of making images and experiences. Born and based in Skopje, North Macedonia, she graduated at The Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje. She draws, paints, and uses the computer mouse to create a variety of digital art for herself and others. She had solo exhibitions in Skopje and participated in local and international group exhibitions, multimedia performances, research projects and public interventions. She is a researcher in various forms of art, and have an ability to transport the viewer to a new reality, intuitively, she seek emotions for artistic and social impact.

By playing with colors, shapes, textures, urban and human figures, she creates new realities and imaginary worlds, reinterpretations of the world around us.  Through the mysterious figurative forms positioned in imaginary environments, her visual art invites the viewer to communicate with the inner world.

Gjorgje Jovanovik  has taken part in multiple projects that focus on the issues of integration and disintegration of contemporary man. He run several solo exhibitions in N.Macedonia and abroad including: : Chocolate Drops, Gallery Hoast, ( Vienna 2018 ), Radio Free Skopje, Internet radio project, (CAC Gallery, Skopje, 2015), Invention for You Wonderful People!,  (Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje, 2014), The Confession of a Cake Monster, (Studio Golobrdo, Rovinj, 2013), Fragmented Archive of the Art is from the Country in Transition, (MC Gallery, NewYork, 2010), It’s Complicated, (GalleryCentrum, Graz, 2010), etc*.

For his practice, he has been awarded with the award for young visual artist “Denes” in 2009, the award for video at the international festival Alternative Film/Video in Belgrade in 2009 and the award of the 10 Biennial of Young Artist  organised  by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje in 2013.

Contact us for more information.

*Selected group exhibitions:  GuerillaofEnlightenment, THEY SHOULDN´T BE ABLE TO PRETEND THEYDIDN´T KNOW ANYTHING, Rotorgallery, Graz, (2018), PONOVO UPOTREBITI: PAST AS COSTUME ORINSPIRATION, Zacheta project space, Warshaw,BalkonzumBalkan, Stadlishekunsthaus BadenBaden, ViennaIndependentShorts, Vienna, (2014), Balkan? ,Oslo 10 ( Projektarium IAAB), Basel, Participation-ParticipatoryPracticesasArtisticStrategy,Tirana Express, Tirana  (2013), Re-locate , RumeliHan, Istanbul, Shelter, ShelterIsland, Hamptons, USA (2011), 255.804 km2 , Hilger Brot Kunsthalle, Vienna,  4th Performancefestival, Mahmud Moktarh Cultural Center, Cairo, (2010) ctr.Residency programs: IAAB-Basel,TICA- Tirana,  CitéinternationaledesArts, Paris, WatermillCentre,  NewYork, Apartmentproject, Istanbul, ISCP- NewYork , Graz-CulturalCityNetwork.